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Débora Terranova

Twenty plus years of experience in the construction industry, responsible for planning and managing budgets and projects for large Brazilian construction companies such as Gafisa and Suarez. As Director at Bazylewski Terranova, she developed and opened more than 15,000 rooms under international hotel flags such as Accor, Atlantica, Blue Tree, Hilton, Marriot, Meliá, and Sheraton amongst others.

Lara Teixeira

Twenty plus years experience in the hospitality construction industry, with great knowledge of the hospitality industry and its particulars, ranging from economy to luxury products. Worked as Implementation Manager at Accor for over 11 years, managing and coordinating new projects and renovations of rooms in Brazil and Latin America.  Key note speaker and teacher in Architecture, Decoration, Hotel Implementations and Sustainability for the hospitality industry.

Sheila Schepselevitz

Twenty plus years experience in the hospitality industry, responsible for developing master plans, project fitting, interior design, product development, implementations and openings of hotels such as Caribe Hilton, Hilton Morumbi, Sofitel Rio de Janeiro, Melia Paulista, and Mercure Goiânia amongst others.  As Director at Bazylewski Terranova she developed projects and retrofits for chains such as Accor, Atlantica, Hilton, Marriot, Meliá, and Sheraton amongst others.


uni.h is a company constituted of professionals with large knowledge of the Hospitality Industry in the Brazilian Market. It specializes in complete solutions for hotels and resorts, from the initial planning to its architecture and implementation.

We offer a personalized service with international standards. Our team is well versed on the complexity of each phase of the development of a hotel project, all aspects of the hotel operations and the impact each decision has on the success of the enterprise.  
We are part of each phase of the project looking through the eyes of the clients, the investors and the operators, with awareness of multiple clients’ profiles and the needs of each segment. We have an extensive database of suppliers and hospitality specialists.

Our philosophy is to build and maintain partnerships based on trust and achieve results for hotel owners, investors, hospitality chains and suppliers.
Over the last 15 years we have been part of more than 90 hotel openings from multiple segments of the industry, including domestic and internationals hotel chains totaling more than 18,000 hotel rooms.

technical hospitality consulting
national adaptation of projects
mock up room
interior design
hotel implementation

Technical Assistance includes a wide range of important services for the Owners and Operators of the property. It starts right after Market studies is concluded and follow all phases of an Hotel Construction until the opening.

• Area Programs and Flow Charts
• Ambience needs and requirements for each space
• Project Standard’s Review
• Concept and Hotel Positioning

• Technical Team Selection (Designers and Consultants)
• Physical and Financial Schedule Development
• Technical Project Management

• Facilitate and optimize negotiations for implantation of mandatory specs of the Hotel Chain, from infrastructure to administrative and operations standards specific for each flag.

• Developing a detailed list (quantitative and qualitative) including all items necessary for the operations of the hotel, from linen and utensils to accessories and equipment. This service is done in collaboration with the interior design and the operational teams to ensure all specs are followed.


Adaptation of concepts and products for the Brazilian Market according to local culture, legislation, available products and suppliers.

Architectural Project Development according to technical and operational specs of each hotel flag / chain:
• Knowledge of Local Legislation, Rules and Regulations related to the project and specific for hospitality projects.
• Vision of Hospitality Safety Concerns.
• Vision of Sustainability and acessibility throughout all phases of the project.
• Specific Project Solutions offered based on guest and market perception considering International hotel chains segmentations.

• Construction coordination, purchasing, decoration and equipment for the mock-up room.
• Technical, operational and financial analysis of the apartment, offering suggestions and alternatives as necessary.

• Complete Interior Design Project Development.
• Constant updating of market tendencies and trends, delivering guaranteed up to date product with an edge on the competition.

This process includes procurement, scheduling and set up of FF&E and HEOS items.

• This process is managed through multiple quotes from suppliers. Bidding and purchasing of items in the FF&E and HEOS.

• This phase of the project consists in the installation and setup of the items purchased during procurement.
• Refurbishing and repositioning of an existing hotels.

Refurbishing and repositioning of an existing hotels.

Client: Aracajú, SE
Deadline: In Progress
Location: Aracajú, SE
Class: Budget
Assignments: Technical Hospitality Consulting and Interior Design